In The Rut

In The Rut

Hi and welcome to my new blog, I have created this blog for various reasons but the main reason is I’m going to be using this as a workspace more than a portfolio, I have another blog where all my final edited images end up displayed and it is kept neat and tidy, however I want to have a blog where I can show you the images that don’t make it, plus I want to be able to post ‘live’ from the field as they say so you can see where I am and what I am up to with some mobile uploads of what is happening…or not as may be the case!

Another reason for the blog is I found myself stuck in the dreaded ‘Rut’ so to help me get out of this I have created the blog without any restrictions so I can share with you the wrongs, rights, rants, raves and reviews of anything that I do in a photography genre.

I found the ‘Rut’ to be quite soul destroying to be honest at a time when things were looking good for my photography, I had not long just photographed my first wedding and had been asked to do a few more, had an image used for a music cd booklet, I was asked if I wanted to display images in a gallery in London, I’m only an amatuer photographer and do not do photography as my main living but I do/did love it and thought I would never get in the ‘Rut’, but I did and to an extent still am.

I am now looking for ways to get out of my ‘Rut’ and the image above was my first go at getting out, ‘Bird Photography’, a genre that I would never have thought I would give a go but seeing as it was from my own back garden I thought ‘No time like the present’. My neighbour has a small feeding station for the birds and they fly in by the dozen to pick away at the daily feast left out for them, so out with the Canon crop dslr and on with the 70-300mm ef lens we go, lo and behold next thing I know I’m up at about 350 images in a matter of minutes…ah how good that feels 🙂

Ok so I know I’m not out of it yet but I did get the camera into the hands and fire off some shots which is a lot more than the last few months considering a lot of my gear has found it’s way on auction websites, but to that end I have ear marked a new purchase which may help bash the ‘Rut’ and get me out and about as I did actually quite enjoy photographing these little fella’s, you’ll need to ‘follow me’ to keep informed and updated 🙂

P.S. Don’t ask me what species these birds are as I don’t have a clue!!! Although I”m sure I will learn as time goes on but I have put in the colour edit for any twitchers out there so you can recognise the markings or colours more easily.

Posted to Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge: Week 35 so give it a visit to participate or see what other people are posting and give them a like.


2 responses to “In The Rut

    • Thank you Janet,

      The hardest part was getting motivated to get out and take images, but with winter fast approaching looks like I will need to come up with some indoor ideas 🙂



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