Carraig Fhada, Islay

Carraig Fhada Lighthouse – FAIL

One of my to do’s this year was to do more stormy weather photography, living on the West Coast of Scotland between Islay and Campbeltown surrounded by the sea you would think my portfolio would already be bursting at the seams with stormy images, but no and a recent mild spell, although not frowned upon, hasn’t helped but the weather is changing and we have had a few blowy days recently.

I have an image in my head that I want of Carraig Fhada Lighthouse, Islay with a wave crashing over the esplinade leading to it or against Carraigh Fhada itself. A few days ago I decided to head out when the wind was fairly strong and a  quick check of the latest ‘metar’ had me thinking it would be too sheltered from the Mull of Oa going by the direction of the wind but I headed down to Carrag Fhada to see what it was like, so I mustered up my motivation and headed out.

Before arriving at Carraig Fhada I could tell my assunptions were right and that the wind was getting sheltered too much, I have to admit I was a little disheartened as it had been too long since I had been out with the camera, the rut inside me was telling me to turn round as it was no use but I stuck it out and continued down for a look at possible vantage points for when more favourable conditions come this way. I fired off a few with the best of a bad bunch below:

Carraig Fhada Lighthouse, Islay.

Carraig Fhada Lighthouse, Islay.

I’m classing this as a fail as the wave is not prominent enough for the image I have in my head, nor is the sea in the background anywhere rough enough to suggest a stormy day, this will remain on the to do list…infact I may actually need to write one up and post it on here 🙂

Posted to Nancy Merrill’s A Photo a Week Challenge: Bucket List so feel free to giver her blog a visit to participate or see what others are posting and please feel free to follow my blog.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow as I have a walk planned that takes in a nice waterfall, so here’s hoping the weather holds up whilst I’m there and I can get some long exposures done, planning on trying out some posting from the field…will see how that goes but like the blog or come back again to see how it goues tomorrow.


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      • We toured around a bit. We went to Dunblane and Stirling, Oban and Tobermory on the Isle of Mull. We also stayed in Pitlochry for a few nights. We stayed in Glasgow and Edinburgh only one night each. We traveled down to London for three nights and drove around England, too. It was quite the trip. We loved it!

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