Speedy House Sparrow

House Sparrow

In response to The Daily Posts Daily Prompt Pace Oddity I am posting an image from my first attempt at Bird Photography a week or so back of these House Sparrow’s at feeding time in my neighbours garden where they have a small feeding station set up for the birds.

I’ve never really paid much attention to it before but I was amazed when I actually took the time to watch them how many actually flew in and the different species there were at different times, although I was only shooting for about fifteen minutes at the time when the House Sparrow was darting around like mad, and they were fast, This image here my shutter speed was at 1/80th but I ended up adjusting to 1/800th to capture some details in the wings of these little energetic birds.

 House Sparrow

House Sparrow


For my first attempt I actually thoroughly enjoyed it and am looking to expand on this over the next few weeks so please follow my blog if you wish to keep updated on my progress into Bird Photography.


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