Dunyvaig Castle, Isle of Islay

Dunyvaig Castle, Isle  of Islay

Photography 101 assignment today is water so I’m posting an image I took the other day which was water related.

I had checked the forecast for this day as I wanted to catch the cumulus clouds in a long exposure over Dunyvaig Castle before the showers came but unfortunately but if you seen my On The Shoot post for this you will already know that they came through early scuppering my plans for any long exposures at all that day.

Initially I was going to do long exposures of Dunyvaig Castle but the wind was fair blowing and bringing with it the spray from the crashing waves, I was positioned down right at the shore front hiding, eh composing my image from behind some nice big rocks but even those weren’t doing much use as within a few seconds my filter was just soaked with water spray, so after a few dry off’s I realised that there was only going to be one winner here and it wasnt going to be me so I snapped a quick shot for a fail post.

I did start to come up with a plan B, I walked round the shoreline a bit into more shelter from the wind and started to setup for some long exposures of Laphroig Distillery…but then the showers started lol, some days you just have to look to the sky, lift your arm and raise your middle finger and smile 🙂

Another to return to however so keep tuned but here is the edited fail:

Dunyvaig Castle, Islay

Dunyvaig Castle, Islay


9 responses to “Dunyvaig Castle, Isle of Islay

    • The photo probably makes it look worse than it was but it was windy and wet, especially with the spray coming off the crashing waves…I could actually taste the sea water each time the wave crashed against the rocks I was hiding behind lol


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