Photography 101: Connect

Spending a bit of time back home with the wife and kids so gave the weekend a miss and leaving it a bit late for today’s assignment but better late than never I suppose, although it’s good to know that you can use the weekends to catch up on assignments as I know there is no way I will manage to do them all on time.

Anyway here is my image for Connect. One from the archives taken last summer using macro extension tubes attached to my lens, you see I’m a cheap skate and refuse to pay the crazy money for a macro lens so I opted for these tubes instead and was really amazed by the quality I was able to produce for a fraction of the price.

Spider on a web

Spider on a web

I really like the detail in this image and feel it fits in well with the category of the assignment as the spider remains connected to it’s web and it becomes a complete connection for the spider as it become a source of food by trapping flies and other insects that get caught in the web.

If you are at all interested in macro photography I can’t recommend these macro tubes enough as they produce quality images, at least invest in these before forking out on an expensive lens to make sure macro is your thing.


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