Photography 101: Landmark

The American Monument, Islay

One of the most famous landmarks on the isle of Islay is The American Monument down at the Mull of Oa. The monument was built in 1920 by the American Red Cross to commemorate the loss of two troop carriers in 1918, The Tuscania and HMS Otranto, with a combined loss of over 630 lives between the two tragedies.

The monument attracts hundreds of visitors each year as it is part of a large nature reserve and the central point of a few good walks down The Oa.

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The American Monument, Islay

The American Monument, Islay


I was really happy with the results of this image, especially since it was not my intention of doing a long exposure this night, I was down here catching some sunsets and it wasn’t until I was walking round to where my main vantage point was going to be that I noticed the clouds moving over so I managed an 8 minute exposure on this take. My walk to catch my sunsets became a sprint as the sun had just about set by the time I had finished the lone exposures but got there just in time.


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    • Thank you Khurt, I’m actually away from my main pc at the moment where the original file is stored so I had to download it from there so it must have been at a reduced size, point noted and appreciated and I agree probably should have uploaded a bit bigger.


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