Photography 101: Swarm


Todays assignment was a difficult one, even more so as the image that I was going to post originally I deleted a while back during a bit of digital spring cleaning so here is my backup for ‘Swarm’.

Swarm of Sparrows at fedding time

Swarm of Sparrows at feeding time

I have opted for a swarm of sparrows at my neighbours feeding station which does become a bit chaotic for such a small station, compliments to the chef perhaps, lol. I’m not a bird photographer but this has given me an interest, I may even get a feeding station myself so I don’t look like some crazy perv hanging out my bedroom window photographing into the neighbours back garden (especially when their washing is out) but my wife said that if I do I can do our washing from then on 🙂


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      • Totally agree, I know some people don’t like editing but I do, I believe every photo needs it as the camera can’t get everything in the frame right anywway! Not sure what Iphoto is as I use both lightroom and photoshop, mostly photoshop but starting to use lightroom more and more and it will eventually be my no.1 editing software once I get round to getting a work flow sorted out with it, if santa isn’t good to you at xmas give gimp a go, I have tried that and although not as good as photoshop it’s pretty good and it’s free, plus works on multi platforms.


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