Photography 101 : Landscape

Now here’s one thing I enjoy, getting out on a good walk with the camera and capturing the landscape in front of me. I think it should be a written law that you must have a camera with you when you go out a walk, be it a gentle stroll or a vigorous hike,  because guaranteed if you don’t have one something will catch your eye and you will kick yourself for not having one.

Anyway I love landscape photography, and admittedly my images aren’t always edited to what the eye seen and more to an artistic personal taste as in this image below taken from Ballygrant Loch, Islay looking towards the Paps of Jura after a passing storm.


P.S the hail stone from these cumulonimbus clouds were huge, my poor ears got a fair bashing until I got into some cover.


2 responses to “Photography 101 : Landscape

  1. Lovely shot. Absolutely agree. I take my camera everywhere. And I almost always have 2 iPhones 😉
    Hope your ears are ok! I once held a blanket against the side of my car to protect it from hailstones. I got pelleted with little hailstones (pea-sized) and absolutely drenched in freezing cold water!

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    • I bought myself a tiny little walk around camera as carrying a dslr everywhere isn’t practical but find myself using my phone for this blog a lot now which is something I never used to do but easy for posting! You must love your car lol.

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