Re-edited Image

Re-edited Image

Sometimes it’s good to re-visit an image after a wee while, I initially posted this image on my main website in April and after someone got in-touch wishing to purchase it I reviewed the image and was horrified by the banding in the top right corner in the sky so I decided to start from scratch again on this one as I just didn’t like how the original image work flow had gone so decided to start from a scratch again.

I remember reading a while back reading about painters starting works of art, leaving them for months (some years) before returning to them to complete them, this is where digital photography definitely has an advantage over painting and film, you can save your work flow in a non-destructive way and go back to make amendments to you edits at any time before going to print, however in this situation I hadn’t done that so had no choice to go back to my initial image and start again.

I had originally edited the image in Lightroom as I am changing over to Lightroom from Photoshop as my main editing software, however for the re-edits I had done them in Photoshop as I have not yet worked out a work flow for Lightroom so I hope you like the images.

My favourite is below but to see the others please visit this post to see which one you prefer, comments most welcome.


Please take a minute to visit my Facebook Page to see my final edited images and hit the like button if you like what you see and I shall return the like if you have your own page.


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