Grey Heron From Afar

Grey Heron

So I went out a walk last week and had just parked the car up when I looked back down the road to where there is a nice little bay where there are usually some seals lying around I noticed this Grey Heron on the shore, so I quickly grabbed my Pentax Q10 with my 70-300 lens on it giving me a focal length of 1600mm at 300mm due to the 5.5x crop of the Q10’s minute sensor, but this was the reason I bought the camera, so I could zoom in on wildlife from afar rather than have to sneak up on them, because to be honest I really don’t have the patience for that, especially if I’m supposed to be heading in the opposite direction and they are are too far away in the other.

Anyway, even as I approached the Grey Heron at a couple of hundred meters it got startled and flew off a short distance, just great…even further to walk away from where I was going to! So I zoomed right out to 300mm (1600mm equivalent) and slowly walked up until it started to get a bit uneasy with me…even still I was still a fair distance away from it but here’s one of the images…

Grey Heron

Grey Heron

I’ll be the first to admit that this is not the best image but please understand that this was taking handheld at the equivalent of 1600mm @1/800 with no image stabilization (vibration reduction) in fairly breezy conditions using the Pentax Q10. I have since got myself an infrared controller to avoid using the shutter button as this was making my images blurry when pressing the button and a monopod, so we will see how that goes 🙂


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