Hello 2015

Hi Folks I hope you all had a good Xmas and New Year,

Well I have kind of neglected this blog a bit but I have been out with the camera a few times recently so I do have some images to share, I should really have been posting some On The Shoot images but on a few occasions I forgot my phone and on another I had no signal so that didn’t go to plan.

I got myself a new lens to add to my collection, well sold two to get one so a bit of a trade off there but added a Sigma 17-35mm to my lenses mainly for doing Astrophotography and I got a wee trial with it at a Dawn shoot back home at Campbeltown Loch Campbeltown Loch Dawn_MG_0400_1 copy_2 webalthough got to admit I’m going to have to read the instructions on this one as I can’t get my head round the depth of field scale, to the extent that most of the first set of images on my first shoot with this lens were pretty soft as I was manually focusing using the scale. So, not to be put off I headed out again on Islay to catch the sunrise at Kilnaughton Bay, this time I sussed it out at wide open but couldn’t figure it ou when I started to zoom in, I though that the infinity focus would be set at the focal length you were set at…not the case with this lens unless there is something wrong with it. Anyway my unedited image below, click on the link below to see the edited version, I hope you like the transformation.

Kilnaughton Bay_MG_0465 copy web2 unedit

Feel free to take look at the edited version here and have a wee read of my funny post about must frustrating time during this shoot 🙂 or feel free to take a look at my Facebook Page and give it a like.

As you will see I done some editing to the Long Exposure due to the filter holder creeping in at the sides because of the wide angle of the Sigma, I would have zoomed in but couldn’t get the focus right on the scale, doh!

I’ll hopefully remember the phone the next time so I can keep the blog up to date a bit more and get some more images uploaded, especially as I have ordered myself some new soft ND Grad Filters.


One response to “Hello 2015

  1. Congratulations on your new lens. Have fun playing with it, sounds like you already are. I thought both images looked stunning. It takes time to learn the ins and out of a new camera or a lens, and how they work together. Manual focusing has also proved tricky for me, but I’m learning. Great photos for this week’s challenge!

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