Serenity in HDR

The Daily Post has chosen Serenity as it’s theme this week for its photo challenge which is pretty good for me as I have a sunrise image I have chosen to share as my take on this theme.
Sunrises and Sunsets both have a serene, surreal feel to them for me as the whole waiting for the sun to rise and lighten the land up or to set and let darkness fall  has a peaceful vibe to it.
As in this image I think getting up higher adds to the serenity of the image,  perhaps implying one is getting closer to the heavens waiting for our sun to rise and dawn a new day.
I have to admit one of the best things about photography is whilst standing here waiting for the sun to rise on this rather cold morning I do remember having a few moments to myself of pure peaceful, calm, serenity just before the golden light started to creep over the hills away on the horizon…there aren’t many other hobbies/professions that can offer that feeling.

Anyway I shot this sunrise as a 3 auto bracketed 3,-3,+3 HDR Image on a canon 6d with a Sigma 17-35mm lens as part of my first hands on trial with the lens (jury is still out on this lens) but I

Serene Sunrise

Serene Sunrise

really need to get more photographs done with it to get used to it. When I shoot sunrises and sunsets I have to admit I do like to silhouette items in the frame as I think it accentuates the hues from

the sun…

but in the final edited case below I opted to utilize the +3 frame and reveal some of the detail of the land to allow the viewer some more time to view the image and take in the beautiful scenery on offer here.

Serene Sunset

Serene Sunrise

I’m really happy with the final edit here and feel that it does fit in well with the serene theme for the challenge this week having altered the colours a bit to help with the mood of the image. If you are wondering the Island is Davaar Island, Kintyre, Scotland, more can be seen here from my main site.

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