On The Shoot – Knockangle Point

I had a couple of hours to spare today so I thought I would make use of them by giving the new Kood grad filters a test run so I headed to Knockangle Point, an area I have visited a few times before and I actually took one of my favourite images from this area and it was in my head if the conditions were right to try and replicate that shot as I have lost the original raw and jpg files to that image. Anyway the main plan was to get some practice with the new filters, so I got setup where I had in mind, a couple of shots without the grad filter on I was getting 1/40th of a sec then with the 2 stop grad on it gave me 1/25th albeit the sun was starting to peek in and out of the clouds at this point. So I decided to slap on the 10stop to see what we could conjure up and went for a 1 minute exposure, exposure was actually ok but the reflection of the lens off the 2 filters was awful…I had experienced this before and put this down to cheap cokin filters, and even bought a housing for the filter holder to block light coming in from the sides but these Kood filters are too big for it!!! (Having now spent some time with this in the comfort of my home I have now found out how to position the filters in a way to make them fit) Anyway not to let the day go to waste I done a 50 second exposure with just the 10 stop on and decided to move position so I could attempt the image a capture a few years back. Conditions were favourable for this, in fact near perfect so I was pretty hopeful that I was going to get a winner here, the waves were coming pretty strong and crashing well against the rocks, the clouds were moving quickly in the sky so I would get some movement in them as I was looking to combine a longish exposure with a 1/2 second to a second exposure for this image. So I get into position set up, compose, see the incoming wave, fire away…nothing!!! What the? Battery as flat as pancake, but do not fear spare batteries in the bag, quick change and away we go. So back into position, quick check of composition, alignment, wave coming in, press the shutter release…zilch! WTF man, definitely got power as had the spirit level on screen, the red battery light light up, so I pull out the battery pack and reinsert and still nothing. I do this a few times and try various things but still nothing but I did notice some condensation on the inside of my lcd screen, perhaps the culprit, so rather than stay out in the freezing cold swearing and shouting at my camera ( canon 6d ) I decided to head home to see what was going on and start googling. Before getting home I looked again at the battery pack, removed the batteries and reinserted the pack, hey presto back to normal…mmm maybe I just never had a proper connection but not sure on this, still worried about that condensation on the inside of the camera. Surely the camera wouldn’t condensate due to the long exposure and the cool air would it? It was about about +3 air temp but factor in wind chill maybe a bit cooler but I still can’t see that, they weren’t that long exposures, nah added to the fact it happened just after I changed the battery, must be that!!! Lol, just convincing myself here 🙂 Once I get round to reviewing the only decent image I’ll decide if it’s good enough to edit and post but here’s the OTS image shot with my phone. image


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