On The Shoot – Inverness Trip

I had a trip to Inverness this week with my work and I decided to travel lite despite the scenery en route being absolutely stunning I resisted the temptation of taking one if my dslr ‘s and ended up taking my Pentax Q10, this being my first hands on experience with it doing landscapes.
As soon as the ferry pulled out of the port I knew it was a mistake not taking one of the bigger camera’s with good zoom range. My 02 lens covers 5 – 15mm, not that great when your trying to isolate a hill from a few hundred meters.


As you can see the hills have been covered by a layer of snow, which only got thicker the further north we travelled adding to my frustration of not taking my other camera.
As we travelled there were a few places I wanted to stop to take a photo however someone else was driving and I didn’t want to bother them and keep asking them to stop so I could take a photo, as much as I wanted.
I got some on the way up and on the way down and also of Inverness itself with the Q10 but here’s another captured from my phone for the OTS post, I’ll review and edit the Q10 images shortly.


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