The Geyser – FAIL

Some of you may have seen my On The Shoot post a short while ago from when I was down here giving my new Kood filters a trial, that day didn’t turn out too good so I returned a few days ago with the intention of trying to capture a similar image to one I captured a few years ago but is still a favourite of mine, only thing is I lost the raw file for it so I wanted to try and get something similar.

The weather was in my favour for it, so I had high hopes of catching the wave I was hoping to get, and I had my exposure set for 1 second so that should have given me the look I was looking for in the wave. I captured a few good ones throughout the time spent there, one in particular had me itching at the bit to get back home and view it on the big screen.

When I was happy with what I had with the waves I then started some long exposures, up to 2 mins max as I wasn’t wanting to go too long with the wind that was blowing, especially when my lens doesn’t have IS on it.

In the background I had also been doing a Time Lapse of me photographing this shoot, which was one of the main purposes of me purchasing the Pentax Q10, I had it set up for 800 images but my battery died at around 600, which wasn’t too bad considering I had been using the camera the day before, however this blog will not allow me to upload this file type to it so you will need to visit my other site to view it or my Facebook page using the link at the bottom of this post.

During the long exposures I tried combining the 10 stop with the grad filter but the lens reflection in the image was just awful, I have a sneaky feeling this is down to the aspherical lens of the the sigma 17-35mm but to be sure I’ll give the filter combination a go again with a flat surfaced lens and see if that makes a difference, if it does then the sigma may need to go as despite buying it for astrophotography I did want to use it for landscapes also but we will see.

But back to the wave, and looking back at it I had positioned myself wrong to capture the wave the way I wanted, so it may be a revisit in the future to get this right 🙂

Anyway here’s the wave I captured and edited (click on it to see it on a larger scale) but as I alluded to I’m not happy with it and will return at a later date to get a better image, to view the Time Lapse click here and you will be redirected to my main site.

The Geyser - FAIL

The Geyser – FAIL

Posted into Cee’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge as doesn’t really fall into any category, so please take a visit to her site and join in.


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