Wedding Jubilations

Wedding Jubilations

I shot what had to be my hardest wedding to date a few weeks back, the couple had got in touch with me a while back asking if I could shoot their wedding and explained that it would be in woodlands on a Scottish estate, I knew back then that shooting outdoors in spring could cause me problems but I wanted the challenge of it.

The ceremony and after ceremony refreshments were all outside in mid-day bright sun, there must have only been a few clouds about as my noggin got burnt thanks to my receding hairline and thin top lol. Anyway that wasn’t the only problems for me, the harsh sunlight was really bad, the shadows cast on everyone’s faces in certain directions was killing the images, I explained to the bride and groom beforehand the problems with shooting in bright sunlight and due to position of their ceremony and where the sun was going to be at that time of day some images would be effected, but they understood and were happy with that.

So to tackle this I tried shooting into the sun as much as possible or getting people when they were in the shade, for the most part I shoot in a photojournalism style and pose the groups and private session of the bride and groom to make sure I get the images I feel are good and also by using flash.

As a result the images turned out pretty good and the couple were delighted with them, one image from the day is the Grooms Jubilations at the aisle. To see more then you can view their album.

Groom's Jubilations

Groom’s Jubilations

Or view the quick montage below from a few of their images of the day.

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