Wyre Majestic

Wyre Majestic – Long Exposure

Here’s a post that has been lying in my draft folder for a wee while so before it gets deleted I had better post it, as you may have read in my On The Shoot post I had to opt for Plan’B’ here as the sky cleared too much for what I had in mind so went with Plan ‘B’ which was to get some long exposures done of the Wyre Majestic. I’ve shot the Wyre Majestic before, roughly two years ago and did this shoot in HDR so I thought that getting some long exposures done would be a nice alternative to them, plus my other alternative wasn’t looking too good either as the sky was too clear in that area also and judging by where I was at the time, Bunnahabhain still had some cloud over it.

As I was getting closer the cloud I though was over the Wyre Majestic was starting to receed behind me, much to my annoyance and previously this would have been my sue to turn around and save it for another day, but thankfully, or not for this blog I now have motivation and a reason to carry on with these shoots and post my results…and I have to admit after editing the final image I am fairly happy.

Anyway before we get to that, it had been a while since I did a long exposure and it showed, my oh my what a noob mistake to make! So I’m about 4 minutes into my fourth long exposure and I have re-positioned to another vantage point for variety…then the penny drops…you have forgotten to vover up the viewfinder to idiot!!! Now I don’t know about you and your camera type but when I use my Canon 550d, this little sucker suffers big time from light getting in through the viewfinder and I have lost a few images to this…took me a while to suss this one out also, usually leaves a brighter patch on your image in a specific area, just a little tip for you if thats been happening and you don’t know why, cover that viewfinder up.

So viewfinder gets covered up and I carry on with the shoot, I’m pretty bad for examining my images on the shoot, I only check them zoomed out and don’t zoom in, which would have helped me out big time as I started to stack my filters, using cheap cokin ones which will never see the light of day again after this mixed with a more expensive one, and basically the cokin ones have no way of stopping light reflecting off the filter in front, (in-fact maybe if I put the coking filter on first that would help…mmm trial and error I think), anyway the result is the image below…

Lens Reflection

Lens Reflection on Filter

All images bar one were ruined…RAGE!!! Which can be viewed below or at the original post here, it creates a deep, dramatic atmosphere which is fitting to this image I feel given the subject content.

Wyre Majestic

Wyre Majestic

What happened to the Wyre Majestic?

If you wish to know how the Wyre Majestic ended up here then visit my post from a while ago where I share a little history on what happened to the ship on that night.

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