The Descent

Jura from Bein Bheigier

A few months a ago I finally got round to walking up Beinn Bheigier, the highest hill of the Isle of Islay and what a fantastic walk it was, although I never got to enjoy it in it’s full glory as there was a lot of stratus cloud lingering on top of the hills that day so my plans for walking the horseshoe route were scuppered as I never fancied walking through the cloud covered hill tops with no map or compass…must be getting more ‘feart’ the older I’m getting!

Anyway my ‘Descent’  was not a disappointing one with this view over looking the Island of Jura keeping me visually entertained until I started to come back down Beinn Bheigier.

Jura from Beinn Bheigier

Jura from Beinn Bheigier

For all of the photo’s from this stunning walk please visit my my post here with a map of the route I took also so that if you are ever over on Islay and fancy tackling Beinn Bheigier then you can follow this route.

This is a new blog so please feel free to follow me where I will be sharing all my rants,raves, rights and wrongs of what I have done in my photography journey, I will also be posting On The Shoot posts like this from the field to give up to date posts of what I am doing and how things are looking.

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