Photography 101: Solitude


Today’s Photography 101 assignment is Solitude, whilst I had a few images in mind for this I thought I would post an image I had captured whilst trying out my new toy. I have decided to give Bird Photography a try, not in a serious manner but more as an additional interest whilst out walking and the landscape isn’t appealing to me. Anyway after much research I decided that the best option for me would be to use my 70-300mm tamron on my crop factor canon giving me about 480mm, not really that good to be honest unless I was in a hide so a 1.4 teleconverter came out tops giving me about 670mm with about a stop loss of light and still decent AF performance, until I stumbled upon this little bad boy…the Pentax Q10, what this little camera, and I mean little offers is unbelievable. Anyway it’s not a review on this great little camera as I still have to explore all it’s features yet and get out in the field properly with it, but that will come.

Islay Airport Buzzard

Islay Airport Buzzard

Anyway solitude I felt fitted this image well as this buzzard always flies around Islay Airport looking for it’s next meal and usually rests on the masts on the airfield by itself, usually the furthest away one but this image here it came and rested on the closer one and gave me long enough to get to grips with the camera and get just enough focus to get a usable image here using an adapter to attach it to the camera and good results.

The only downside here is I was using a monopd as this camera gives you x5.5 magnification on any non parent lens you put on so in effect here I’m shooting at 1600mm on a monopod!!! So I cranked up the ISO a tad to reduce the shake that I was getting, even on the monopod it was still noticeable, but I’m totally blown away with the Pentax Q10.

Not the best image but considering the distance, focal length, shooting through a tinted window plus high ISO I’m happy to share it.


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